Health and Wellness Says Relax

Rest and Relaxation Room

PHOTO | Hannah Wyatt

The Health and Wellness Center has introduced a new way for students to relax on campus. The Relaxation Room is located in the Health and Wellness Center, Doc Bryan 119.

What services are available to students in the Relaxation Room?

‘“This room has a bunch to offer as far as visuals, auditory, or sensory items,” student worker Karsyn Buchanan, a fisheries wildlife major from Benton, said.

The room has several resources for students to use to relax and manage stress levels. Among the resources offered are computer games designed to teach students how to recognize stress in themselves and techniques to reduce their stress levels.

Other resources available are aromatherapy, yoga mats, soothing lights, and a variety of sensory stimulation toys. The relaxation room also offers a small selection of guided audio meditation CDs and meditation cushions.

The Relaxation Room is available for student use Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Relaxation Room is open to all students, but private appointments can be booked in-person at the Health and Wellness Center or over the phone by calling 479-968-0329.

More information about the relaxation room as well as other service provided by the Health and Wellness Center can be found at its website at