Information Systems Conducts WiFi Survey

The Office of Information Systems put together a survey for staff, faculty and both on and off-campus students to take part in for the Spring of 2019.

The survey assisted the staff of OIS to locate technological issues on ATU’s campus and attempt to fix these issues and/or improve them to the best of their ability. The results of the first survey were very helpful and indicated areas that could have been improved throughout ATU.

The survey was the first of its kind to be put out by the OIS, and the plan is to release them more throughout the year. The format of this survey was an open comment style questionnaire so the individuals partaking in the survey got to answer in their own words and be as specific as possible about the questions they were asked.

“I like to say we can’t fix a problem unless we know that there is a problem. I know a lot of students like to use social media so I try to get out there every now and then and look for things that could be improved,” Jason Salmans, network services manager, said.

If there is a technological issue on campus or even on a personal device, campus support can and will provide aid with getting the issue or issues resolved.

“The best way to let us know that there is an issue is to call the campus support center or contact them either through email or through the forum. We take complaints seriously and we always investigate them,” said Salmans.

While the survey was not mandatory, a lot of people participated, giving lots of feedback that was put to good use and highly appreciated.

“We appreciate the people greatly that took the time to do the survey and give the feedback; definitely a thanks to everyone for doing that. We hope to do another one of these soon which we plan on,” said Salmans.

The campus support center numbers are 479-968-0646 and 866-400-8022. Its location is in Ross Pendergraft Library 150 and is open from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. seven days a week.