Rollin’ Down the Street

ATU Bike Lane

GRAPHIC | Tara Espinoza

Have you ever scrambled out of the way of a bicyclist or heard the threatening sound of a skateboard behind you? You are peacefully walking to class, listening to music, when a bike whizzes past you and nearly knocks you off your feet.

Arka Tech believes there must be a better way for students who walk to class to live more harmoniously with students who bike or skateboard to class. We believe students should be able to ride their bikes or skate on campus.

We also think that while it may not be the most significant issue on campus, it is an easy fix to prevent accidents and make life for all students easier.

Arkansas Tech has a policy that also requires bikers to follow the road rules on campus. However, Arka Tech suggests that Arkansas Tech install or designate specific paths for bicycles and skaters.

Simply widening the sidewalk to allow for more room would benefit both groups of students. By having space for just bikers and skaters, they would be able to quickly travel across campus without having to avoid other students on the sidewalks cautiously.

Students who walk across school grounds would not have to worry about making room for a bike or skateboard. Collisions between the two groups would likely decrease. Damage to campus landscaping caused by biking off the sidewalk could also be prevented.

We do not expect Arkansas Tech to spend an outrageous amount of money building new sidewalks all over campus. However, the formation of a few bike-only lanes to key buildings would be helpful.

Perhaps designating a couple of sidewalks we already have as bike and skating paths. We believe, however, that the best option would be to widen some of our current sidewalks so that it is easier for bikers and skaters to pass students who are walking.

Overall, Arka Tech sees this opportunity as nothing but a net positive. Arkansas Tech would improve the aesthetics and quality of campus grounds. They would also improve the lives of current students and make college smoother for them.

In turn, prospective students may feel encouraged by this upgrade to attend school here at Arkansas Tech. The Arka Tech is not against biking or skating. We believe they are great recreationally and outdoor activities that students should be able to enjoy freely without the extra worry of other students on the sidewalk.