Ringin’ In the Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year Event

PHOTO | Madalie Creston

Tech hosted a Lunar New Year in the Hull Student Union. Students were able to experience Chinese culture, traditional food and games.

“In China, we have more of a traditional custom,” Qi Bei, CSA president, said. “We must clean the house, put Chinese New Year scrolls on doors and buy new clothes. Here focus on getting others to learn the history of the New Year and trying new things. I always looked forward to the New Year.”

The first 100 people that walked through the doors could participate in a unique tradition by receiving a red envelope.

“Back home, people would hand out red envelopes with a “lucky note” inside, maybe some money to enjoy,” she said.

Students played games like Majiang, a popular Chinese competition, and played charades on stage to win prizes at the event.

“We always played Majiang during the New Year; everyone would be together, and it would be fun, plus we had good food to eat,” Bei said.

Students also enjoyed music and even heard a live performance of traditional music.

“Overall, I think the event went well,” she said. “People had fun and were laughing and that is what the New Year is about, feeling hopeful for what’s about to happen.”