Power Your Brain

Students Studying in RPL

PHOTO | Margarita Lopez

The Study Power Hour is a new study hall program on campus that brings Tech students together for an hour each Monday to complete class assignments. This opportunity allows students to focus on assignments in a peaceful environment.

Jamie Young, One-Stop specialist, and Deidra Dillard, First Generation Student coordinator, created Study Power Hour after seeing the struggles their coach students go through, such as dealing with financial problems or balancing work and school.

“If you have questions, it’s super convenient to come talk to us. You don’t have to walk across campus and park if you’re a commuter student.  It’s no trouble and you’re getting things done at the same time,” Young said.

“If there’s an issue with your assignment and you’re not really sure who to turn to about it, we can probably figure out who that would be,” Young added.

On Oct. 17, they hosted the first Study Power Hour in which about a dozen students came.

“I was very surprised. Positive surprise. We came up with the study hour last week so there wasn’t a whole lot of advertising for it,” Dillard said.

Study Power Hour is still new to students but both Young and Dillard have plans for the future. “In the future I’d love to partner up with like the Learning Center or the library,” Young said. She said Tech students are welcome to come to Study Power Hour every Monday from 4 p.m.  to 5 p.m.  in Pendergraft Library 300A.