Japan Night

Photo | Yoshia Thao

JSS and ISS host Japan Night in Young Ballroom

The smell of curry and taiyaki wafted around Japan-related presentations, traditional games and a photo booth in Young ballroom on Tuesday, Nov. 16. It was here that the Japanese Student Association and International Student Services hosted their annual Japanese night.

According to JSA President Meyu Kanazawa, the event was a critical success. Due to COVID restrictions, only 100 people could be in the ballroom at a time. Kanazawa noted that there were over 250 people who came in and out during the duration of the event.

“We made a bunch of flyers and brought them to the dorms, and [advertised] online on Instagram as well,” Kanazawa stated.

The night began with a dinner consisting of traditional Japanese foods and Kanazawa stating facts about Japan. The event continued with a live judo performance in which Takumi Mori and Tim Thomas, two members of JSA, sparred with one another. Two members from Forca martial arts also joined in.

“I wanted people to get to know our culture. All of our JSA members love to get to know other cultures. We are already here so we can make culture events,” Kanazawa said.

The night continued with Dr. Kae Hashimoto from Tech’s department of music and world languages giving a Tate performance. Tate is a methodical form of marital arts involving theatrical sword fighting.

Kahoot and Karaoke ended the event, which lasted a total of two and a half hours.

Kanazawa urges students to attend their next event, which will take place at the beginning of the spring semester. “We are going to have mochi, which is Japanese pounded rice mochigome. It is super chewy.”

Students interested in getting involved with Tech’s JSA can email Meyu Kanazawa at mkanazawa@atu.edu or visit JSA’s Instagram @ATUJSA