Sell Alcohol At Sporting Events!

Beer at Sporting Event Graphic

GRAPHIC | Tara Espinoza

College kids drink. Having alcohol at college sporting events makes sense. It’s a fact of life; no law will ever change that, so why not make money?

The NCAA doesn’t have a rule against alcohol sales but does prohibit advertising and sales during its championship events. Host venues are even forced to cover up alcohol advertising that may already be on site. But the NCAA is silent on alcohol sales at regular-season events on campus.

Why? This is revenue for colleges; no one loves money more than colleges. Most students live on campus, so you do not have to worry about drinking and driving.  It will encourage students to attend games, and who doesn’t love student involvement?

I always needed clarification on how Tech can host tailgates, where I have witnessed people drinking a cold one, yet no alcohol is allowed to be sold by the college. You are just losing money.

Suppose you charge 5 dollars for a beer and sell 30 in the first quarter; that is 150 dollars. Tech could put the money into the athletic fee and stop charging students more. Selling alcohol at the event means you control the alcohol. You can serve it when you want or how much of it.

At the University of Louisville, alcohol sales are permitted inside the football facility and only allowed to operate between the time gates open until the end of the third quarter. The attendees have limited to two alcoholic beverages at a time. Other stadiums have followed similar rules, like Boston College and Georgia Tech, each making its own guidelines.

Tech could scan the student ID card and tell the student they can only purchase three or whatever number is set. Allowing students to stay safe while capitalizing on the money they spend.

We all know ticket sales alone do not generate enough money to keep sports going, so why are we not trying new ideas like alcohol?