We Got Spirit

Armando Harper

The Roaring of the crowds in Thone Stadium, the green and yellow flashing brightly through the stands as Tech’s Wonder Boy’s flash down the field ball in hand. The yells from students as the announcer thunders that a touchdown has been rewarded. The Beach boys once wrote a song titled “Be True to your school,” and that title very much on the mark. We at the Arka Tech recognize the importance of school spirit.

Considering homecoming, it is easy to remember how much it means to have school spirit. Daily events were held, prizes were given out and large Tech displays were the norm for last week. It is easy to see that school spirit is high during big weeks like this, but it is equally as important to show school spirit throughout the year.

A good example to show school spirit is being present for the events that Tech puts on. When students do not attend the events that Tech or its registered student organizations put on, it negatively impacts those involved in the planning and implementing of the event. On the other side, when people come to the events, it creates a warm sense of community in both the event planners and participants.

Take for instance the food truck night that Residence Life put on last Tuesday. The massive turnout made Tech look lively. People were sitting and fraternizing with those they had never met before, and eating good food with strangers and friends alike forged a link between the student body and organizations.

Knowing what is important to the student body is another important facet of school spirit. Sharing your opinion to organizations about what events you are interested is especially important. If RSO’s continue to put on events that no one cares about because no feedback is given, the events will stagnate, and people will continue to not come.

Telling these organizations what is preferred from the community is the only way to break this cycle. An open line of communication must be built, so that more events that people want to see will happen.

We at the Arka Tech understand the importance of school spirit.