Tik Tok Makes Stars

Destroy Lonely

PHOTO | Jackie Fox

Destroy Lonely is a rapper that began blowing up in 2022. He dropped his newest album, “No Stylist,” in Aug. 2022, which has helped him gain popularity.

Destroy Lonely now gets 4 million monthly views on Spotify, had the song “No Stylist” blow up on Tik Tok, and has been on tour since January 2023. He recently has been teasing another album, “If Looks Could Kill,” that will definitely be one to look forward to.

Destroy Lonely is a 21-year-old rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. His dad, I-20, was a rapper in the early 2000s. I-20 was signed to the label Disturbing tha Peace with Ludacris, who was gaining some popularity at the time.

Destroy Lonely followed a similar route and signed with Opium, a label by Playboy Carti. Destroy Lonely always presents himself as genuine and sweet, unlike most rappers. His concert energy is contagious and worth the watch.

Many people have found his music through Tik Tok and Instagram, but his personality and stage presence makes him a notable artist. He even has 45,000 followers on the platform. His song, “No Stylist,” has been used to show confidence and self-love on Tik Tok.