Suns Bring Home Two Wins

Golden Suns Softball Player

PHOTO | Destini Nguyen

The Golden Sun softball team went on a three-game streak against Southern Arkansas and brought home two wins.

Their first game on April 8 started slow, with both teams needing to put a run on the board for two innings. Southern Arkansas brought two runners home in the third inning, giving them a small lead. Tech was able to make a strong comeback in the fifth inning and put seven runs on the board. Multiple goods at-bats and a home run by Jessica Williams, a senior from DeQueen, gave them this prominent lead. Southern Arkansas lessened their losing gap with a three-run home run but stayed at 7-5. Both teams scored one more run by the end of the game, granting the Golden Suns an 8-7 victory.

The second game did not go as well for the Golden Suns. Southern Arkansas was the first to put a run on the board in the first inning. Bradi Basler, a sophomore from Lansing, Kansas, pitched for Tech while the next four innings remained quiet. An active sixth inning for Southern Arkansas brought the final score to 6-0.

The Golden Suns were able to redeem themselves in the final game. Brooke Prewitt, a redshirt senior from Cleburne, Texas, crossed the plate first for Tech in the first inning. Tech scored another run in the third and sixth inning, while Southern Arkansas only managed one run in the fourth, giving Tech a 3-1 win.