Tech hosted Halloween activity

An estimated 5,000 people passed through Tucker Coliseum on Halloween evening for the inaugural Tech-O-Ween.

The event, sponsored by Residence Life, athletics and the Department of Agriculture, offered trick-or-treating activities to children ages 12 and younger.

Each hall was responsible for creating a kid-friendly game that ended in the child receiving a piece of candy. One of the halls, Nutt Hall, presented a mummy bowling game where kids had the opportunity to knock over the mummy like bowling pins to get a piece of candy. Emilee Smith, a Nutt Hall resident assistant, was in charge of setting up the game and wouldn’t have wanted to spend her Halloween any other way.

“It was heartwarming to see all of the kids run into Tucker and stop at every booth,” Smith said. “Seeing them cheer themselves on after they knocked over the pins was precious and made me realize what I was doing was for a good cause,” Smith said.

Residence Life is also continuing to accept donations for its annual Helping Halls drive, which is a fundraiser to help families have a Thanksgiving meal.