Travel Through Tech’s Thrilling Times – Throwback Thursday to Takeoff

A 1971 Arka Tech Photo

PHOTO | The Arka Tech, 1971

This semester is a special time for the Arka Tech; we are celebrating 100 years of publication.

This is no small feat. It has taken lots of students, passion and hard work to keep our campus newspaper going throughout the years.

The paper went from being a print-only option to having a website and social media pages in the early 2000s, all the while still publishing a weekly hard copy for students, faculty and staff to enjoy for free.

The Arka Tech has been a student-run organization since the beginning and remains the only campus voice written by Tech students for Tech students.

Our organization has seen students from all walks of life within, as well as many differing majors, from creative writing to computer engineering to nursing.

We have expanded our story types to include creative works, all the while keeping the original news, sports, feature, opinion and editorials.

In recent years, the Arka Tech has expanded even further by adding a radio show, updating the website weekly and creating its first video commercial. We were also established as RSO, have attended hundreds of Tech events and reached an Instagram following of 1,389.

The Arka Tech has big plans this semester, such as celebrating our centennial in April, producing more videos and creating a podcast. All the while still producing a weekly newspaper and keeping the traditions we have built alive.

In the lens of tradition, we decided it would be fun to explore old newspapers together, so for every other publication, The Arka Tech will include a “Throwback Thursday,” which will incorporate works from our older editions. Check out the throwback sports photo on the back page.

We hope you enjoy looking into the past with us, and thank you for your unwavering support for student journalism.