30 Is Here

Adele at Glasgow

Photo | marcen27 | Creative Commons

With the end of the semester now approaching, it’s time to reflect on all the new memories that we have made. One artist that is fantastic at giving her listeners music that takes them all through memories of being nothing more than human is Adele.

It has been nearly six years since the release of her previous album, “25”.  This upcoming fourth album sounds like it will be a more than welcome break after 2020 and the concluding of 2021, with the release of “Easy on me” about a month ago.

This song just seems to be a release for the artist to say to the world that troubles are going to go away, and provide comfort to those who listened to it. It was certainly different from other heartbreak songs the artist has done in the past, such as “Hello” or “Send my love (to your new lover).”

It is written more like an apology than a desire that is rejected. She is wishing for a good life with fierce bitterness. According to genius.com, the song aims towards her young son and her recent separation from Simon Konecki, her ex-husband. Still, I would say the song does a wonderful job with saying that there will be better days coming.

With the end of the year coming, Adele is set to release her new album on Nov. 19, 2021. Adele is popularly known for naming her albums after specific years of her life. This one being close to her age of 33. Bbc.com states, “Adele says her new album was recorded to help her eight-year-old son understand why she and his father got divorced.” She has also told Vogue that the album is about the year her life had begun to fall apart.

It is fair to say that this will be a sad one, but does definitely reach more of a target audience for her and spreads some release for those in a bad relationship. As always, be sure to give this an album a listen to.