Registered Student Organization criteria changes

Registered Student Organizations are getting major changes on the criteria involved in becoming a RSO on campus. Not only that, RSOs are now able to get involved in more university events than in previous years.

The criteria for a RSO is now split into three tiers. Tier one is assisted by student activity fees and will be designated by Campus Life. These RSOs are allowed to fundraise, travel off campus and host events. Tier two also includes being able to travel off campus, fundraise and host events, but funding will instead come from the Organizational Aid and Student Development Fund. In both tier one and tier two, the adviser must approve events on TheLink. Tier three is only allowed tablings, inductions and general meetings. However, an advisor is not required to approve meetings via TheLink.

Each tier does need a faculty or staff adviser. In order to register, tier one must have an updated list of officers and a constitution. Tier two must have these as well, with the additional agency account form and an agreement form from the faculty or staff advisor. Tier three will need the agreement from the advisor and the updated list of officers and constitution. Registration must be submitted by Sept. 8.

RSOs are also getting another chance to promote by now being able to participate at career fairs.

Each RSO now has the opportunity to present a booth at a fair, as long as it pertains to the department the RSO is in. In order for an RSO to take part in these fairs, the organization must email expressing interest in representing at a fair to the interim director of Career Services, Amanda Johnson. Any material or candy is welcomed, and a table and black tablecloth will be given to any RSO that is participating.

RSOs are to set up its tables before employers do, in order for employers to get a chance to connect with RSO leaders before anyone else. Not only is it a good opportunity for RSO leaders to network with employers to find guest speakers, Johnson found that employers are often seeking students in leadership positions in RSOs. “We continually look for ways to connect employers with students,” Johnson said, “80% of all jobs are secured through networking.”

More information can be found by contacting Amanda Johnson at