Academic Affairs Wants to Increase Opportunity

Administration Building Enterance

PHOTO | Margarita Lopez

Tech will be reorganizing the undergraduate and graduate academic programs under five colleges. The process will consist of the college of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), the arts and humanities, business and economic development, and education and health. The university began to help with the financial issues that came with the COVID pandemic.

“From my point of view, the purpose of the restructure of Academic Affairs was to increase opportunities for students and faculty. The Restructure Committee did its best to construct an organizational framework to allow students and faculty members to develop new and meaningful interdisciplinary collaborations.  These new partnerships will hopefully lead to envisioning additional programs of study for future Tech students.  I think the new structure will also allow additional research and funding opportunities that should benefit students currently on the Tech campus,” Jeff Bright, restructure committee member, said.

The financial resources for the reorganization would be designed to create synergies opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaborations, programming, and enrollment growth.

Tracy Cole, restructure committee member, said, “My understanding is that the primary academic goal of the restructuring was to place together faculty and programs with aligned interests in the newly formed colleges.  I believe that this change will create and foster opportunities for collaboration, research, and new programs that will keep Tech at the forefront of education as a society, technology, business, science, and healthcare continue to evolve.”