Art Seniors Say Goodbye

Artists at the Memory of Us Exhibit

PHOTO | Tara Espinoza

Six senior fine arts students have displayed their works in an exhibition entitled “Memory of Us.” 

Artists featured in the exhibition are Abigail Breer of Western Grove, Camryn Gulledge of Hot Springs, Shimin Su of Guangzhou, China, Irelund Sanders of Lamar, Bailee Taylor of St. Joe, and Hallee Ward of Eureka Springs.

Abigail Breer is one of the featured artists; her works include chalk and pastels. “This was exciting and a little sad with it being my last one. I learned a lot at Tech, and I enjoyed the art program. I choose works that showed emotions and my thoughts,” she said. 

Camryn Gulledge is another featured artist, and her works include ceramic work, painting, and drawings. “My paintings and drawings show a memory of my life, and my ceramic works are experimental. I will be taking a year off, but I want to teach at a college level one day.”

Gulledge’s work with her ceramic cups is one of the exhibits displayed. “I like the detail I was able to crafty into them. I like small light objects that can fit your hands,” Gulledge said. 

Shimin Su is another artist, and her works include ceramics and drawings. “This is my first and last exhibit here. It has been amazing because I have never seen my work like this before.”

Su created an art piece that features her cat, “I spend a lot of time playing with my cat and thought she needed to be shown,” she said.

Bailee Taylor is an artist in the exhibit; her works include watercolors and paintings. “I created most of these pieces this year for this show, and it was exciting. Seeing it on display is amazing.” 

One of Taylor’s fondest pieces is her first watercolor of a dinosaur and a collage. “I do not enjoy collages, so being able to take something I did not like and turn it into something I did was fun,” Taylor said. 

Hallee Ward is an artist; her works include a self-portrait, ceramics and drawings. “I did a lot of these works for class assignments. This being my last exhibit at Tech is a little overwhelming. However, I will be learning more about ceramics after school,” Ward said. 

Ward’s fondest art piece is her ceramic bowel filled with different objects. 

The show features three-dimensional artworks in ceramics and metalwork and two-dimensional works in printmaking, acrylic and oil paint, water, pastel, colored pencil, charcoal, and digital media.

The show will be open on weekdays from 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. until Monday, April 11, at Norman Hall Art Gallery.