‘Black Adam’ Joins the DC Universe

Lightning Bolt Symbol

GRAPHIC | Johnan Mitchell

“Black Adam” is the new installment in the DC cinematic universe. While the film has entertained general audiences around the globe, with an audience score of 89% on rotten tomatoes, it has not immensely impressed the critics, with a critic score of 40% on the website. Dwayne Johnson’s new leadership role is a controversial one.

This superhero blockbuster follows the story of Teth Adam, a man who has bestowed the power of gods in ancient times but was trapped in prison for 5,000 years. He breaks free and is quickly challenged by the modern-day superheroes known as the Justice Society.

Dwayne Johnson, who plays Black Adam, has told his fans that “the hierarchy of the DC universe is about to change.” The action and special effects in the movie prove his point, not to mention the dedication the actor has set forth for the role.

“The training we did for this movie was the most arduous I’ve ever done in my life,” Johnson said.

“Black Adam” doesn’t shy away from paying homage to the fans of the DC universe: there are plenty of easter eggs and then the typical superhero post-credit scenes; the film even

manages to pull natural frames from the Injustice video game.

Where this film entertained me through the mere sense of power and brute strength that Black Adam maintains. This thrust of energy is sprinkled with dark jokes and dynamics between the cast that prove why some superhero movies can still work. Doctor Fate, Black Adam, and Hawkman are the standouts here.

Fans of the villain’s counterpart, Shazam, will undoubtedly enjoy this movie, but beware, there are still plenty of common issues that come along with the film that still are in superhero blockbusters: such as the CGI, the final act, the incompetence plot twists, the exposition dumps and the monotone acting. These can simply be overlooked when considering just how much raw entertainment this film provides.

If you’re looking for a better-than-average superhero film with only some minor issues, check out ‘Black Adam.’ I was certainly impressed.