Crocheting Moment

Johnan Crocheting

PHOTO | Tara Espinoza

Maybe the crafty, little, old ladies were onto something. I feel that crocheting is a hobby that should be explored by everyone, not just those in their golden ages.

This goes to say that there is a massive rise in people crocheting in general. While the pandemic was not good in many ways, I think the rise of “artsier” lifestyles directly correlates with the pandemic. People, in the name of boredom, were trying things they otherwise wouldn’t.

This goes for everything, of course, but I feel this is important to understand that the “wave” of crocheting and other yarn art, such as macrame and knitting, is not an otherwise unknown thing within the youth.

I still feel that more people should look into this fun and relaxing art.

I just finished one of my first projects, which was a shawl. It was a straightforward pattern to follow, and while repetitive and straightforward, its beautiful design paved the way for my newfound passion.

More people should do it because it is a relaxing alternative to other harmful things. I am a very tactile man, and I love to do things with my hands. So instead of doom-scrolling on Instagram, I have taken to crocheting when I am bored.

This small change has helped me immensely. I feel far less dependent on social media. Although now I watch documentaries and listen to podcasts while I crochet, it sure beats feeling anxious and terrible from Instagram.

I also find that it gives me a sense of accomplishment. You can see a straightforward account of your progress if you crochet, and nothing makes me feel more accomplished than gazing upon a growing project, especially when it is completed. This feeling of accomplishment is much needed, especially considering the turbulent nature of being a college senior.

Gift-giving is one of the biggest reasons I got into it as well. I find it very satisfying to give something I spent a lot of time on to someone I care about. It is a seemingly small but very thoughtful gift, considering you have to pick out the yarn, size, and patterns to best suit the person in question.

I believe more people should do yarn art because it is a relaxing alternative to other harmful things, gives a sense of accomplishment, and allows for thoughtful gift-giving.