Hit the Trail Jack

Alfonzo the Caterpillar

The office of Veteran Services is hosting the first-ever Take a Hike event. It will be held on Oct. 8 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

The event was created to allow Arkansas Tech military-affiliated students and the public to come together and hike. People attending this event will be hiking at Mountain Nebo on the Chickalah Downhill Trail.

This trail is a mile and a half long and mostly downhill. “It should be a nice walk, and hopefully, we will see the true beauty of the natural state,” Tael’r’ Stansberry, graduate assistant for Veteran Services, said.

It is recommended that you bring water, lunch and a hammock. “I will be bringing my hammock after the hike to relax. They can bring anything else they feel that they can enjoy at Nebo State Park,” Stansberry said.

The office hopes that if the event goes well, they will expand the hiking program to more locations and offer a broader range for students. “The students will have the opportunity to spend time in nature, hang out with their fellow students, and relax in the fresh air. They will be impacted socially and environmentally through their experiences at Nebo,” Stansberry said.

If planning on attending Take a Hike, students should RSVP by contacting tsansberry@atu.edu.