Furtch’s Football Finale

Jordan Furtch

PHOTO | Michelle Galli

Jordan Furtch, one of Arkansas Tech University’s defensive backs, can remember playing football as far back as first grade.

“In 2020 [during] COVID, that was the first time I had not played football. I started when I was 6 and I am 22 now,” Furtch said. As a senior, he is playing his last season of college football this fall 2022 semester.

Furtch comes from a big, close-knit family with roots in Paris, Texas.

His parents are blessed with an athletic bunch. With the exception of his youngest sister who is still in high school, four siblings and Furtch have already or are currently attending college on athletic scholarships, him included. One of his brothers played football at Texas A&M. Furtch is the only sibling who chose an out of state college.

Without his family in Russellville, Furtch looked to his friends for entertainment in his free time. During COVID, Furtch and friends discovered a new found interest in recreational fishing.

“I had to pick up a hobby,” Furtch said.

“I love to go fishing. My friend [and I] want to start a podcast or a YouTube fishing channel. We want to do that when I graduate in December… Over [last] summer [fishing] is all I did,” Furtch said. Cooking was also another hobby Furtch picked up during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Furtch has found some good local eats while attending Arkansas Tech University.

“I love the fast food place that just opened, Chick-O-Fish… it’s always fresh,” Furtch said. His motto for food is “If it lives in water, I like it.”

Furtch chose to attend Arkansas Tech University to explore a new place far from home and to play football. He also mentioned that he appreciated the coaches at Tech and their efforts to recruit him.

“I was a senior in high school and I worked at Whataburger. The defensive coordinator [at the time] drove to Paris, Texas and [showed up] to my job and went over plays with me while I was working. That showed me a lot of effort and I appreciated that.”

According to Furtch, “[this season] has been the best team [he] has been on” thus far at Arkansas Tech. “Chemistry wise and relationship wise, it is the best team I have been on since I first got here.”

Upon graduating with a bachelor of science in human resource management, Furtch will make the trip back home to Paris with plans to eventually reside in Dallas, Texas.

“Back home my brother coaches kids; he has his own program called Next Step Athletes. He coaches basketball, football, [etc.],” Furtch said. “Football is my sport; I would love to coach or ref it.”

Furtch has one career goal of helping his brother’s sports organization program for kids. He wants to help take the program further than their hometown of Paris, and reach even more kids.

Even after 16 years of loving and playing football, his passion for sports doesn’t stop here. His goal to incorporate his appreciation for the game while giving back to future generations. With this semester being the finale of Furtch’s football career at Tech, Furtch doesn’t think he is going to put being around football or sports away for good.