Gone Away Weekend Part IV

Door Creaking Open

PHOTO | Tara Espinoza


Suddenly, I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Leila… please no. 

The door creaked slowly open, and Leila appeared, but it wasn’t Leila… This person or thing had black hair; Leila’s hair is blonde.  These people looked like my friends but one small feature was off.  I stood in silence and they both just stared at me. Six minutes later Dante finally speaks.  

“You can’t be here.”  

Still unable to say anything, I waited for something else to happen.  Leila, or whatever she had become stood next to me and breathed heavily into my ear six times.  I couldn’t help but feel like this wasn’t a prank.

 But it had to be… Right?  Everything going on seemed almost supernatural, but that stuff doesn’t really exist.  

“Tick tock Erik… It’s time to leave now.” 

 Dante said, walking behind me and breathing down my neck.  I can’t leave, I can’t move.  

“Yes, you can Erik… You just have to want it.”

Leila said as if she could read my mind.  That’s not possible though, she can’t just know what I’m thinking.  

“Yes she can, Erik.”  

“Okay… if you can read what I’m thinking, then what are you?  Demons?  Ghosts?  Zombies?  And why do you look like my friends?” I thought.

I figured if they could really read my mind, then I’d just think the questions I had, and see if they’d respond.  I waited for a while.  

“It’s simple Erik… We are your friends.  You’re just not one of us Erik… You can never be one of us Erik.”  

Sasha said as she emerged from a hidden room. 

The more the night went on the more I thought this was no longer a joke. I needed to get out, but I also needed to save my friends… I have to- NO…

To Be Continued…