Hell of a Vacation IV

Mi Gluton Vian Animon

GRAPHIC | Tara Espinoza

Previously… Tamryn explained to her sister that she missed her alarms and wanted to leave the creepy hotel suite…


The girls finished eating, and Krystal got ready for the day. Tamryn couldn’t help but notice the bubblegum sky when the sun had just finished rising.

“I love it here… why can’t we just live here?”

Tamryn asked with teeth and a smile that made the sky seem even brighter than before.

“You know why Tam… Dad would be crushed. It’s bad enough we even came out here; dad couldn’t even bring himself to come with,”

Krystal answered. Tamryns eyes went dim, and her smile faded fast. They walked out of the hotel hallway into the lobby, and two guys were checking in as they got there. Krystal glanced over and noticed one of them had a tattoo of a mountain range that was similar to hers. She tapped her sister’s shoulder and whispered,

“Hey, look at that guy’s tattoo… it looks kind of like mine. I wonder if he’s from Wyoming too.”

“Maybe you should go ask… You have nothing to lose; your love life is depressing.”


Suddenly, the lobby lost electricity, and the only light they had was two windows on either side of the lobby doors.

A few seconds later, the lights flickered back on, the receptionist was gone, and Tamryn’s face went pale; she looked like she’d just seen a ghost.

Krystal froze in fear as writing began to appear on the floor, one word after another.

*mi glutos vian animon* 

“Tam… We need to go… Now.”


To Be Continued…