Long Live the King

Homecoming King Marquis Vasquez

PHOTO | Tara Espinoza

Marquis Vasquez was crowned homecoming king on Oct. 15. He is the third king to be named in Tech’s history.

“The tradition of homecoming king is still new to Tech; I hope that means I get to help shape the king’s duties. I want the title to be an ambassador for Tech and represent the students,” he said.

Vasquez is a junior majoring in music education and was nominated by his fraternity Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia.

He is the president of SGA, the fraternity education officer of his greek chapter and a member of the African American and the Latinx student organizations on campus. He is also a Bass II on the concert chorale and part of the university singers on campus as well.

“I had amazing support from friends, family, and my Tech family. They believed in me and saw potential,” he said.

Vasquez named two people who significantly impacted his life: his mother and friend Briya Alford.

“Briya and I have been friends since middle school, and to have her push me and support me along this journey has meant a lot to me. My mother cried a little when my name was called king; she is always proud of me no matter the outcome,” he said.

Vasquez started campaigning as soon as possible by designing virtual flyers and campagining on social media.

“Everything happened pretty fast. My friends were resharing my posts and helping me get my name on all platforms. They were awesome, and I’m thankful I had them,” he said.

Being a court member, Vasquez was excited to get to know the other students and the process that goes into homecoming.

“This process was work, but enjoyable work. The homecoming committee was terrific and guided the court every step of the way. I enjoyed that the group was well-diverse in backgrounds,” he said.

In Vasquez’s free time, he enjoys cooking, creating art, and trying new things.

“You never know the growth you can reach if you stay in your bubble. So try new things and gain more experience,” he said.

As for right now, Vasquez is looking forward to supporting Tech and giving the college a good name, all the while looking down the road to next year’s homecoming.