SAB Events

SAB Event Schedule


With the school year in full swing, there is more than just studying to look forward to.

The Student Activities Board has a great lineup of events to help you relax and get connected on campus. Football season kicks off with several tailgates, including events for Homecoming and Senior Day.

There are also several new events this year that SAB is very excited about, such as Dippin’ Dots and The Haunting of Hull House, Arkansas Tech’s very own haunted house, named after the Netflix tv show.

Also in October, SAB is hosting Big Money Bingo. In the past, prizes have included everything from apple watches to televisions. In November, stop by for free food during the hot chocolate mixer and late-night breakfast events.

Getting involved is important for student success, and can help students become more organized and creative.

So, come and participate. The events are always free, and participants never know what benefits will come their way.