Green and Gold Give Back

Alpha Sigma Tau

The Arkansas Tech University Department of Campus Life will be hosting the annual Green and Gold Give Back Day on Nov. 6. Students of ATU will have the opportunity to rake leaves, collect trash and perform other acts of service for the elderly citizens of the Russellville community.

Founded in 2013, the Green and Gold Give Back is an annual student volunteer program. It was created in an effort to give back to the community of Russellville and allow students to serve their community in an effective way. It has been named ATU’s largest annual day of service.

Last year despite the COVID-19 pandemic, 96 students from many student organizations participated in the day of service with their efforts fanning out over 21 locations.

“As we plan this year’s Green and Gold Give Back service opportunity, we’re so excited to have the privilege to give back to the community again,” Kassidy Jones, coordinator of civic and community engagement and leadership development. “Last year was an incredible event despite COVID-19, but we’re hoping to have even more volunteers ready to serve the Russellville community.”

To ensure the safety of the students and faculty involved in the event, masks will be worn and many of the service activities will take place outdoors. Students will work together in small groups to lower the spread of COVID-19.

The Department of Campus Life is still actively looking for contact information from elderly citizens who wish to allow students to rake leaves and perform other acts of service for them. All elderly citizens are eligible for the program.

“I’ve been reaching out to members in the community trying to find locations for this year’s event and every person I’ve spoken with has been so appreciative. They’re all blown away that the ATU student body would dedicate time out of their weekend to give back to the community and it honestly makes me so proud to be a part such a great university,” Jones said.

For additional information, visit If you or someone you know has contact information from a citizen wishing to participate in the event, contact Jones at