Gone Away Weekend Part V

Tree in the Clouds

PHOTO | Tara Espinoza


I needed to get out, but I also needed to save my friends… I have to- NO…

Dante let out a yell loud enough to burst an eardrum. That’s when I noticed red coming from his and Leila’s ears.  I started to panic; all you have to do is run Erik, just run.  I started by trying to move one hand and realized this paralysis was all in my head.  I took off running down the stairs, turning my head and looking back while running.  Sasha was close behind, chasing me, while Dante and Leila stayed put.  I got to my car and realized the real Leila was still in the car. 

“Babe? Why are you running?” She asked, extremely confused.  

“Did you not see Sasha?” I looked over and Sasha was gone. 

“Sasha? Who is Sasha?” 

“What do you mean who is Sasha? Dante’s girl! She was chasing me! This place is haunted!!!”

“Erik… Are you hallucinating again? Dante died three years ago…”

“What? N- no- we were supposed to all hang out tonight, he was house sitting”

“No Erik… This is my house; you came to pick me up and went back inside to get my purse for me.  We’re in college now” 

“I- So then why was Dante in there?”

“None of that was real…”

I stared off for just a moment and when I looked back… Leila wasn’t Leila anymore.

Is this real? Is there something wrong with me? What could possibly be going on?  I don’t for a second believe that was ever my Leila.  I opened my car door and the only thing I could think was that I needed to get home.  I ran as fast as I could and never looked back…

To Be Continued…