Senior Fine Arts Show to Be Rescheduled

Cheryl Harp (left), a fine arts major from Bentonville, Arkansas, whose work was going to be displayed in the show and reception, works on a piece while sitting next to Addison Graham, a fine arts major from Greenwood, Arkansas, whose work was also going to be in the show and reception.

The fine arts senior show and reception have been canceled due to Arkansas Tech University closing in-person classes because of the COVID-19 pandemic. If ATU reopens during the spring 2020 semester, there is a possibility the event could be rescheduled.

The event was free and open to anyone who wanted to come to see the pieces.

Originally, six senior fine arts majors were going to be displaying some of their work in the Norman Hall Art Gallery from March 30 through April 7.

On April 4, they had planned to have a reception to present their work. The event was going to have free food and drinks. The food was going to be provided by Chambers cafeteria, Subway and Starbucks.

The artists displaying their work were Cheryl Harp from Bentonville, Arkansas, Addison Graham from Greenwood, Arkansas, Elizabeth Boone from Greenwood, Arkansas, Amelia Walker from Atlanta, Georgia, Danielle Bertuca from Rogers, Arkansas and Elayna Lambert from Little Rock, Arkansas.

“It’s kind of like a way to showcase our different styles and techniques but it also gives us experience, especially gallery experience, for whenever we graduate and kind of go off into our own adventures,” Boone said.

The theme of the event was “Six of a Kind,” representing the diversity in the mediums and styles each of the six artists used. The mediums ranged from oil paintings to photography to many others.

“It’s kind of just to show that we’re all different, we all have different works of art, but we’re just kind of coming together to put on a group exhibit,” Graham said.

Graham said the works were more 2D based than 3D and each artist had multiple pieces they were planning on displaying.

Some of the pieces were for sale. If someone wanted to purchase a piece, they could contact the artist who made it.