The Doctor and the Dragonborn Part VII


PHOTO | Tara Espinoza

Doctor Thore nodded, “ Good. Now, how may I be of service to you?” Windfall slated and repeated her orders, “ I was tasked with bringing you to the royal house. The Lady is becoming sickly and Lord Rothwell is worried that it may affect the child. He ordered me to bring you to the House as soon as possible, madam.” Thore looked over at Embith, “ Grab my bag and your cloak, It is a long ride to the house.” Windfall replied in shock, “ You are taking this lizard with you, but madam…” Thore shot her a glaring look, “ You are dismissed. I will be having another talk with your superiors after this. Embith is my closest ally and a wonderful herbologist, only second to me. I demand that he be respected as such.” Windfall left with her head hanging. Thore and Embith both had trouble with her. She believed that being a Lord’s Guard meant she was above everyone. Embith had butted heads with her before and often had to leave for he was only a citizen. Thore, however, was a Plague Doctor, which means that she has a much higher standing in the court and does not take disrespect lightly, especially when it came to her friends. Embith smiled, “ I see that your hair color is showing, doctor.” Thore looked up at him and chuckled, “ I guess so. Don’t let her talk down to you like that. You are my guard and you have a much higher standing than she will ever have. Come, the lord and lady need us.”

The carriage pulled in front of a large house. The walls were made of white clay and held together by oak wood. The roof was made of dark oak wooden tiles and the windows were in a diamond-shaped pattern. The Great House of Rothwell was made up of two wings; the right wing was where the great court meet and feasted, while the left wing was where the living quarters were located. Embith hopped out of the carriage and help Thore out. In front of the house were two guards who bowed, “ Doctor Thore and Master Embith, the lord is waiting for you in the Lady’s Chambers.” Thore nodded, “ Thank you. Come, Embith, we have a lot to do.” Embith grabbed the bag and followed the doctor into the house. They walk toward the right-wing hallway and into a beautiful set of oak doors with engravings of elks on them. Thore opened the door to reveal a spacious bedroom. In the middle of the room, a large bed was set with serval nightstands. In the bed, a young lady set up. She looked pale and sickly. Her stomach was well-rounded. Embith could tell this woman was pretty far in her pregnancy. A tall young man was standing next to the bed holding the woman’s hand. He looked upon me with a sigh of relief, “ Doctor Thore, so glad you come. I fear my wife is very sick and I am not for sure with what.”