Gone Away Weekend Part VI


PHOTO | Hannah Cates


I ran as fast as I could and never looked back…

Eventually, I made it home.  I began to think… Was I going crazy? Was Leila right?  I checked my phone and searched for proof that I was sane.  Everything proved my sanity and Leila wasn’t real.  I found the texts of Dante and I planning tonight to a T.  Something strange was going on.  I was determined to figure it out so I went over to Dante’s house.  When I got there, I rang the doorbell and Dante’s mom answered the door.  

“Hey Erik!  Dante’s not here right now… I can let him know you stopped by though!”.  She explained 

“So… He’s alive?” I replied 

“Um… yes?  Erik, should I be worried?”

“I’m not sure ma’am… I’m just as confused as you.”

His mom then invited me inside and we 

sat and made phone calls.  She called and texted Dante many times before I called 911.  I dialed and told them everything I could without sounding crazy.  They put out a missing persons report and the waiting game began. 


*3 months later* 


Dante never showed up, Leila was 

found in a ditch passed out, and Sasha was found just outside of town also passed out.  Neither of them remembered a thing.  I never told anybody what really happened.  

Until today I had decided that Dante was gone.  I mourned and I kept to myself.  His mom and I talked some about what happened, but I never told her what I saw.  Today I received a text.  

“1218 Birkenshire Ave

      8 P.M. – Tonight”

It seemed to come from Dante’s

number but… He’s gone?  I panicked, and another text came in. 

“Tell no one…

Especially no cops…”

I felt Red flush across my face…


To Be Continued…