The Doctor and The Dragonborn Part VIII


GRAPHIC | Johnan Mitchell

He goes on to explain everything. From the sound of it, the lady was close to giving birth and might be feeling sick from it, “ You think she is close?” Thore nodded, “ Yes, my lord. I can’t say for sure how long until I give her an exam.” The lord nodded hastily, “ O-of course. Whatever you need to do, doctor.” Thore looked at Embith, “ Can you please take the lord and chat? I need to examine the patient.” Embith nodded, “ Of course, doctor. I heard about the new trade route through Better Gulf. I would like to offer some of my wisdom from my travels throughout there, Lord Rothwell.” Rothwell nodded, “ Yes, that would be deeply appreciated. Can you let me know as soon as you are done, doctor?” They agreed, and Embith led the young lord out of the room.

Lord Rothwell always looked up to Embith for his wisdom. The lord was very sheltered in his life and, being only nineteen, had much growing to do. Rothwell had met Embith through Thore and trusted him because of that. As the two males walked through the halls, Embith told of his journies through the Better Gulf, “ I remember that the seas were very unpredictable. One day it would be smooth sailing, and the next, be rough. I suggest you hire some local fishers and boat captains to teach the traders. They know that sea better than they do their mothers.” This led to a shared chuckle between the men, “ Embith, may I ask you a question? A serious question.” The Dragonborn nodded, “ Of course. What it may be, my lord?” Rothwell sighed, “ Do you think I will be a good father? I try to be a good husband and lord, but I feel that I might fail at one or all of them. I don’t want to become my father.” Embith didn’t expect this question and tried to come up with an answer, “ I do not know, my lord. I am not a father myself, so it is hard for me to judge if you would be, but I know your heart.” Embith pointed at the young man’s chest, “ Your heart is in the right place, and as long as you follow it, you will be in the right.