A.I. Setting Out to Change Our Life

AI Generated Image

Graphic | Bing AI Image Generator

The age of information is both an exciting and terrifying time to be alive. While it is no question that recent technology has benefited humanity beyond belief, it has also created unintended consequences that we, as a guinea pig generation, are having to deal with. A prime example, and one that cannot be understated in its impact, is Artificial Intelligence, known as A.I.

Just this past year, services such as ChatGPT, MidJourney, and deepfake generators have shown that the development of A.I. has become incredibly advanced right under our noses. With a few key words or an audio sample, it is possible to generate images, convincing academic essays, and even fake voice recordings that are terrifyingly realistic.

In our abundance of information, it is already difficult to sort through what is fact and false. With the addition of A.I. producing generated content, things are only going to get more confusing. While this technology isn’t perfected yet, it is only a matter of time before A.I. generated material starts falling through the cracks and begins getting mistaken for fact.

On the bright side, there are already technologies that allow for the detection of A.I. generated content: one example being programs that detect ChatGPT generated material at schools and colleges. Furthermore, increasing the public’s awareness of A.I. and educating older generations on how to detect it is a surefire way to help prevent widespread misinformation.

Currently, A.I. is being used for concept art and memes. There are even voice clips on social media of U.S. presidents talking to each other about playing Minecraft. However, it is clear that A.I. is going to dominate the future of many industries and change our lives as we know it.