Black History Month

Black History Month

DDI to Host 11 Events Commemorating Black History Month

Feb. 1 marked the first day of Black History Month, and the Department of Diversity and Inclusion will be honoring Black excellence with 11 events slated to happen during the month.

The Black History Month Kickoff, the first event on DDI’s Itinerary, took place in Doc Bryan’s rotunda. Dr. NaQuindra Brooks, Assistant Dean for Diversity, Inclusion, and Contemporary Student Services, began the month with an empowering speech.

They talk about the importance of rooting out racism and the struggle Black people continue to face. Brooks explains, stating that hollow allyship is not allyship. The only way to destroy these systemic barriers was put in place hundreds of years ago is to remain strong in support of Black voices and make known the unacceptable nature of microaggressions and racist comments.

Brooks ends their speech with a series of questions. “What side of the fight are you on? Does my Blackness, or any other Blackness, here or abroad, scare you? Does it intimidate me, or does it infuriate you? Is our Blackness a joke to you? I challenge you all to challenge yourselves with these questions.”

After Brook’s opening speech, they opened the floor to other people to speak. During that time, Cheer Coach Jasmine Bruce, Veteran Services GA Tael’s Stansberry, DDI GA Caylin Allen, Chief Operating Officer of SMSB Academy De’Marco Britton, African American Student Association President Jace Kennedy, and University President Robin Bowen all gave a speech relating to their experiences as well as the importance of Black history-whether it is February or not.

The next event is expected to take place on February 3 at 3:30 in Rothwell 217. The event’s name is titled “How we got here, What we lost, How to reclaim our roots.” Students interested in news regarding DDI’s events can visit @atudiversity on Instagram.