Downtown Creativity

An art piece at the Russellville art walk

PHOTO | Cal Reeves

Every month or so, the city of Russellville exhibits the work of creatives in the downtown area through hosting an art walk. This month, March 2022, I had the opportunity to go and also interview two of the featured artists they put on their Facebook pages – Brent J. Rowley and Mia from Drawology. 

Firstly, during the time I spent with Brent Rowley, I immediately could notice lots of beautiful, vibrant colors in his art! In talking to him, he talked about many of his subjects ranging from landscapes to even recreations of older paintings in his personal style. Recently, he noted that he’s spent much more time invested in doing abstract art! His major medium that he uses is watercolor.

In asking about how Rowley got into art, he mainly talked about how cartoons and anime were what first drew him into it. As a young kid, he remembered drawing the cartoons and animes he enjoyed. 

As he grew up, he talked about how he would later get serious and ventured into more of what is defined as fine art. 

Just from what pieces I saw and what I heard about from Brent, he is a super passionate and super talented artist. This guy is really sweet, really genuine, and I totally think people should see more of his work. 

If you’re at all interested in seeing any of his work or reaching out to him, he has a Facebook page by the name of Brent J Rowley Art (@bjrowleyart) and also is available by email –

Moving on to the other artist I got the chance to interview, her name is Mia and her drawing business goes by the name Drawology! I found it super interesting that Mia, as a 14 year old girl, was already producing such high-level pieces of art and also making a business out of doing so! Mia does primarily colored-pencil portraits in a realism style.

In talking with Mia and her mother, it seems that art is a family thing, and Mia was the shiniest out of all the gold present. Mia and her mother both confirmed that she’d always been doing art, and Mia says that she started drawing cats in her early stages of art before eventually going into people which are now her main subject matter.

Mia notes that the first pictures she really began focusing her time in and on were those of popular Youtubers she liked. She drew people from the Youtube group, The Pals. 

In these photos, she would take super expressionate images of these people and recreate them on paper with a great amount of detail! Her skill truly shines when you see these pieces where she accurately is able to recreate such expressive faces.

You can find Mia on social media through Instagram and Tiktok at @dscasf and can contact through email to either view her work or inquire about it!

We have a lot of local talent present in the Russellville area, adults and teenagers alike!