Career Services Helps Students

Norman Career Services

PHOTO | Margarita Lopez

The Office of Norman Career Services offers different programs and support services to Tech students. Career Services help students with resumes, LinkedIn, graduate school applications as well as hosting opportunity fairs and guest speaker panels.

This school semester the office introduced a new service where students can rent out clothes and shoes from Career Services’ professional closet for job or graduate interviews and Tech’s opportunity fairs. Career Services named this new service the Career Closet.

Sabrina Rountree, a journalism major from Gravette, joined the Career Services office in October of 2022 as a student worker.

“Career Services is just a super important resource,” Rountree said. “I love the Career Closet. I think it’s one of our best resources yet. I think students should be taking advantage of it.”

Students who wish to utilize this service can stop by Rothwell 107 between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. A worker from Career Services will guide the student to the closet. Upon finding the necessary items, the student will complete a check-out form with their name, T-number, Tech email and list the item they wish to check out.

When the student is ready to turn in their items, they are required to wash and iron them. The Career Closet currently has women’s size from extra small up to extra-large, and men’s sizes from small up to extra, extra-large, according to Allen Schaidle, assistant dean for Career Services. Career Services is working on expanding the closet with donations in order to provide a better service to Tech students.

Career Closet has been on campus but there hasn’t been a lot of marketing for it and many students aren’t aware of it. Schaidle’s goal is to market this new service and let students and faculty know about it in order to make greater use of it. Career Closet is showing students what professional attire looks like in their professional work environment.

A key goal of Career Services is to provide students from all backgrounds with programs and opportunities that will help them achieve their goals.

“It’s a lot of hustling, a lot of networking. I think that’s one of the things students don’t see that we’re doing especially now. We have our full team; we’re always reaching out and networking for you,” Schaidle said.

“Kylia Stewart, who’s our employee relations, she’s setting up a lot of these internships. She’s learning about them, learning about local opportunities and state opportunities. Yushia Thao and I, we’re working on some of the bigger national international outreach,” Schaidle said.

For more information about Career Services, email