Feedback Wanted!

Co-Editors Tara Espinoza and Johnan Mitchell

The Arka Tech has been around and student-led for 98 years. It is no secret that The Arka Tech, as a news organization,  is reliant upon the students’ opinions, wants, and needs who read us regularly. The Arka Tech is reaching out to the community. What do you want from your student publication?

The Arka Tech has made immense progress in the last semester. We have continued to publish a weekly newspaper, established a stronger presence online, and started a weekly radio news show, which premieres every Friday at 5 p.m.

All of that progress becomes moot without a regular viewer base.

The truth is, we do not want this paper to fail. This happens when Tech students do not wish to look at our content. We want people to pay attention, to pick up the paper or look at our website. The best way to achieve that is to put out content and criticize students and staff alike have about our paper.

We at The Arka Tech are asking for ways to suit the needs of students and faculty better.

This last paper of the semester gives us at The Arka Tech several months to ponder and reflect on our last semester. We want all the criticism we can get because we believe it is a significant factor of change.

Please reach out to us with your comments and concerns at, because we at The Arka Tech believe the most important part of any newspaper is the people who read it.