Golden Suns Softball

Golden Suns Softball Player

PHOTO | Andrew Griggs

The Golden Sun softball team began their season on Feb. 3. Since then, they have dominated in the majority of their games, putting them 16-9 overall.

March 10-11, the Golden Suns went on a three-game streak against Ouachita Baptist and kicked off the series with an impressive 10-0 win. Tech put their first run on the board in the second inning, and an active third and fourth inning kept them at a prominent lead.

In the next game, Ouachita Baptist came out strong, putting two points on the board in the first inning. Tech was quick to retaliate, bringing two runs in the second inning and four more in the third. Strong defense prevented Ouachita Baptist from making a comeback, and Tech gained a 6-2 win.

In the series’ final game, the Golden Suns battled a close 6-5 loss. Ouachita Baptist was quick to score five runs in the second inning, and one in the third before Tech was able to put a run on the board. The Golden Suns had an active fourth inning, scoring five runs and lessoning their losing gap, but they could not level the scoreboard.

The Golden Suns will retake the field at Northwestern Oklahoma on March 17.