Hell of a Vacation IX

In a Hospital Bed

PHOTO | Public Domain

Previously… Something was very very wrong…

*2 hours later*

Krystal and Jakob had been found lying on the sidewalk. They looked like they had been positioned on purpose. Tamryn called an ambulance, and they were rushed to the nearest hospital. Jakob’s eyes slowly opened as a nurse called for the cop who wanted to ask him some questions.

“Wh- where is she? Where’s my sister?” He said drowsily.

“Who is your sister?” Asked the cop. “Is she the girl you were found with?”

“Her name is Krystal, she… She has the same tattoo as me. Where is she?” Jakob asked, sounding more and more concerned.

“She’s in a coma, just like you, for about two hours now. Except she hasn’t woken up yet.”

“Good, she needs to stay in and fight for it. She’ll make it out; I know she will. She’s stronger than mom was.”

The cop grew more worried and stepped out to speak with the nurse.

Meanwhile… In Krystal’s room, her sister was watching as her eyes twitched.

“Mi glutos vian animon, Mi glutos vian animon, Mi glutos vian animon, You will suffer the same fate as your mother” 

“Who are you? What do you want from me?!” Krystal screamed.

She was trapped in a black void with nothing but voices. “Jakob?! Where are you?!” She yelled but got no response; all she could hear was the chants of whatever it was Jakob had managed to fight off.


*Short stories are a work of fiction.