Gone Away Weekend Part II

Gone Away Weekend Photo

PHOTO | Hannah Cates


I walked home thinking about all the possibilities of this weekend.  However, I should have been asking myself… ‘What could go wrong?’

Seven O’clock finally rolls around, and I’m getting more and more excited. I walk a couple streets down and pick up Leila. She’s wearing my sweatshirt, which always makes me smile.  

“I should put a lock on my closet,” I said with laughter; I can’t help but mess with her when I know the only reason she’s got my sweatshirt is that she goes through my closet.  

“Shut up, you love when I wear your clothes.”  “This is true, but I also love messing with you,” I replied, smiling. We turned on the GPS and realized we would have to drive to the house. It is definitely not within walking distance.  

“I’ll drive!” She said excitedly; ever since she got her new car, she’s been nothing but happy to drive anywhere and everywhere. The car ride there was obnoxiously loud, with her blaring music the whole time. However, I can’t help but watch my girl sing her heart out. Finally, we got to the house, and Dante’s car was outside, but all the lights were off, confused we rang the doorbell. Ten minutes go by, and still nobody answers. I decided to look around. Leila, getting anxious, tried to stop me, but I told her it was fine, and they were probably just trying to scare us. Scaring me is a typical Dante move anyways. I walk around to a gate on the left of the house that leads to the backyard. The lock is pretty simple, so I decided to go to the backyard and find out if the backdoor was unlocked. Nervous, I start to tremble. What if Dante’s not trying to scare us?

To be continued…