Live in 3! 2! 1! – ATU Live Helps Students, New and Otherwise

ATU Live Cast

PHOTO | Tara Espinoza

When the pandemic hit, campus gatherings were restricted, and social distance was implemented, which led programs and organizations to get creative.

ATU Live was created by Residence Life to help current and incoming first-year students connect and build relationships during difficult times.

The first hosts were LaBrian Phillips and Zoe Stokes, who set out to help students not just survive but thrive in college.

Every episode has an educational piece highlighting the campus resources and helping students discover what Tech has to offer.

When the pandemic restrictions started to ease, they decided to keep ATU Live as a student resource due to its success.

“I joined as co-host in 2021 and have been on the team since. I have gained some amazing lifelong friends through working for Residence Life, as well as some crucial life skills I can take into the workforce, such as diligence, perseverance, problem-solving, and a strong work ethic,” Emily Norton, co-host, said.

ATU Live wants to keep expanding to better aid the students. Allowing students to see the behind-the-scenes work, get new merch, and a game night event.

“I feel that the show has helped me in the past, and I wanted to contribute to that service.  I have made a lot of incredible friendships and connections through ATU Live, in addition to learning telecom skills,” Mary Payne, co-host, said.

New episodes air every Tuesday at 7 p.m. on Residence Life’s YouTube page. You can also follow their Instagram @atureslife.