Living With a Roommate Who…

Is Noisy:

Communicate with them. When it gets too loud for you in the room, be direct and ask for exactly what you want. Most of the time, they will make a sarcastic comment and comply, so just brush it off. Be thorough in explaining what bothers you and what you need so your roommate understands you. Be sure to have a clear mind and stay calm.After all, the goal is to communicate each other’s needs without causing an argument or fight.

If your roommate is a social person, try to schedule your studying around them. Campuses are full of study places that you could venture to. Earbuds and noise-cancelling headphones area also great ways to help prevent noisy settings. If your noise problems persist and your roommate does not respect your wishes, it may be time to involve your Resident Assistant (RA). Contacting you RA to mediate the situation can help a lot. If things can’t be resolved, your RA can help you find a new housing arrangement.