Piper’s Thoughts Week 3

Piper With Some Friends

Howdy, everyone! It’s Piper, back with another tip that I think will help you maximize the best experience possible at Tech. I’ve touched on this tip several times in the past two weeks, and I wanted to expand on it for this week because it proved to have lots of value for my own experiences as a student.

This tip is to get involved as much as you can and want to be on campus. This is important because I genuinely did not start getting involved with organizations, activities, and social events until my mid-sophomore/beginning of junior year. I quickly realized how much I missed out on and how many opportunities and relationships can come from campus involvement. I am currently the head of recruitment for public relations student Society of America, a member of Presidential Leadership Cabinet, Habitat for Humanity Pope County RSO, the Student Mayoral Advisory board, and, of course, a contributing member of  the Arka Tech. I have also held numerous roles in other organizations while also being an anchor for Tech TV and even hosting my own radio show! These organizations have helped me expand my network and be presented with new opportunities that would not have been possible without becoming involved.

Asia Smoke, a psychology and criminal justice major from Hot Springs, weighed in with her thoughts on Tech opportunities. She stated, “It was a gateway into opportunities and leadership roles I never imagined for myself during my college career.”  I agree with her statement, with myself finding success within my own organizations. Such as the service hours I have gained with my work with the presidential leadership cabinet, the rewards from my on-campus job at the veteran services office, and the leadership roles I have found by being a member of the student mayoral committee. Through getting involved, I added involvement onto my resume, something career experts say is essential for future employers. I have stepped into new and beneficial leadership roles.

These organizations and opportunities have also created friendships that built a network that will last a lifetime. Agreeing with this, Smoke said, “It led me to build relationships that will last longer than just these 4 short years.”  Asia Smoke and I have found ways to grow our friendships and expand our network by getting involved. This will benefit us through job opportunities, helpful connections, and most importantly, holding true and long-lasting friendships.

Lastly, but not least, by getting involved, my love for Tech has only grown deeper. It has helped me genuinely appreciate this campus, its people, and the community that first drew me to Tech. Joining organizations has allowed me to grow by being a part of something bigger than myself and finding the true importance of serving the campus that has brought me so much. I encourage you to get involved on campus to expand your network, build your resume, and create long-lasting relationships. To improve your college experience by taking advantage of every opportunity and having a steady reminder of why you first chose Tech in the first place.