New Learning Center Coordinator

Scott Tomlin

A new opportunity came at a great time for a long-time ATU employee.

William Scott Tomlin has been at ATU for nearly two full decades as both a student and an employee. Most of the ATU faculty will know him for being one of the advisors in the advising center, but a new opportunity arose for him.

Tomlin is now the coordinator of the Tech Learning Center in the library on campus and loves his new position. Tomlin says he’s seen the job opening before and seriously considered it, and he knew that if became open again he would definitely take it. Although he loved working in the advising center for the past seven years, he knew that he wanted to make a change.

Tomlin said, “One of the reasons I got a job in higher education is because I like to learn.”

He said that he’s interested in knowing what the students are learning in the classrooms around campus and that this job really helps him get to know the future alumni better. Tomlin has been around the campus for a long time, and said he knows that ATU has made significant progress in the academic area, and loves the idea that he is now in charge of helping the academic progression of students that choose to have the help of the tutoring services.