Students Elect 11 to SGA Positions


The Tech student body elected 11 new members to the Student Government Association this semester.

Abbygale Riff of Valley Springs, a master’s student in student affairs, was elected as the graduate college senator.

“I had always been interested in doing Student Government whenever I was in undergrad, but never thought I would have the chance to get elected,” Riff said. “I was feeling like maybe this year would be different, so I went ahead and tried to become part of the organization.”

“I thought it would be a great experience and resume builder for my last year in college,” Riff said.

Riff represents the graduate students at Tech. Riff said she thinks the different boards and committees she has served on as well as the time she has been at Tech will bring a “perspective that other students may not have on certain topics.”

“I am excited to see what the year holds and all that I learn while participating on SGA,” Riff said.

Social studies education major and psychology minor Autumn Stoll of Benton was elected as one of the senators at large.

“I ran because I wanted to make a positive impact on campus life and on the students at Arkansas Tech University,” Stoll said. “I want to emphasize the student’s voice and what they think is important to have here at Arkansas Tech.”

Stoll said she hopes to leave a positive impact on SGA and the Tech community. Stoll said she hopes to improve relationships between students and faculty so that students feel they can speak on things they want to be improved at Tech.

“I would love for the ATU students to know that I am here for you, and to hear what you want,” Stoll said. “I am happily ready to step up into this leadership opportunity to help and benefit the students and the community here.”

Political science, sociology and criminal justice major Hannah Stone of Clarksville was elected as senator for the College of Arts and Humanities.

“I ran for Student Government at ATU to become more involved. I love this campus and its students, so I ran to learn more about how I can be of service to them,” Stone said. “I would like to bring my work with the national sexual assault prevention organization, SafeBAE, to campus, and better educate the community on how to prevent rape culture.”

Stone said she brings a passion for social justice to Tech and wants to have sexual assault awareness and gender equality events.

“I would like the Arkansas Tech student community to know that I genuinely care about each of them, or I wouldn’t have run for this position,” Stone said. “I would also like each student to know that they have the power to create change and to give back to their community—no matter how daunting or impossible it seems.”

“Because I care about Arkansas Tech students, I also want each of them to know healthy relationship and healthy sexual consent information, in order to ensure a safe and healthy campus for us all,” Stone said. “I would just like to say, I am excited for the coming year, and excited to get to work. I hope that everyone takes advantage of our office hours and comes to talk to me about ways I can improve the campus or individual campus experiences.”

Nursing major Haedden Vereecke of Lavaca was elected as senator for the College of Natural and Health Sciences.

“I ran to help voice opinions for those that aren’t in any position to,” Vereecke said. “I feel like I will contribute in a way that will bring everyday students a voice. I want to be a true advocate for the students and not just hold self-interests.”

One change Vereecke would like to bring to SGA is more food options on campus. Vereecke also hopes to learn from those inside and outside of SGA.

“I would like the students to know that I am always willing to listen and learn from everyone. If you have ideas or opinions, let me know so that I can bring it to light,” Vereecke said. “I am super excited to start this semester off as a Senator and I am 100 percent candid about my stances. It’s going to be a great year for Arkansas Tech University, down with Covid-19 and here’s to living our best lives.”

Emergency management and criminal justice major Lora Brown of Rogers was elected as senior senator.

“I ran because I wanted to represent and give back to the same student body that has supported me over the years. I am in my senior year and I feel like there is more to give,” Brown said.

“I feel like I can contribute to SGA by bringing in perspectives from my major field as well as from many other RSOs on campus,” Brown said. “I can also contribute to SGA by bringing in campus leadership experience that I have gained through various positions I have held.”

Brown said she wants students to know that they do have an influence on Tech. The remaining senators will be included in a second story.