Tech Voted #1 in Region

1 in Gold Star

Arkansas Tech was recently recognized as the No. 1 choice of regional public universities in Arkansas when U.S. News and World Report ranked Arkansas Tech at the top in its 2022 college rankings.

Factors such as graduation and retention rates, social mobility, faculty resources, survey data concerning academic reputation, average class sizes, and graduate indebtedness, were considered when creating these ranks. So, what could this mean for prospective students looking for a college in Arkansas to attend?

“The distinction as the No. 1 regional public university in Arkansas is evidence of Arkansas Tech University’s commitment to student access and student success. Arkansas Tech is the state’s recognized leader in providing students with upward social mobility and ATU has made significant gains in its four-year graduation rate in recent years,” Sam Strasner, director of university relations, said. With this new title and recognition across the state, many prospective students will be able to see what Arkansas Tech has to offer.

Arkansas Tech has become aware of the effects that COVID-19 has had on enrollment and understands the reasons behind its impact.

“Reports are indicating that the pandemic has had a disproportionately negative effect on enrollment at rural colleges and universities such as Arkansas Tech,” Strasner went on to say, “Reasons for this include less access to broadband internet at home and greater skepticism about the value of higher education as compared to individuals from urban areas.”

Being ranked the No.1 regional public university in the state is an important title to hold, and one that prospective students can use to determine a college that is the right fit for them, he said. Arkansas Tech already has a plan set in place to grow past this pandemic.

“As we continue to regain a greater sense of normalcy in the wake of the pandemic, it will be important for Arkansas Tech and similar universities to ensure prospective students understand the long-term economic benefits of a college degree as well as the documented personal benefits related to health and well-being,” Strasner said.