The Doctor and the Dragonborn IV

Doctor is in Graphic

GRAPHIC | Tara Espinoza

The sound of footsteps could be heard, and the door opened to show the short, chubby doctor. Her white mask was the shape of a raven’s head, and dark-colored lenses hid the true color of her eyes. Her long white cloak covered her purple dress and the small necklace with the symbol of healing, a small potion bottle filled with a strange purple slug. This was Doctor Thore, the one who had saved Siewood from the false potion makers. From the way she smelled, she had been making potions this mourning. Embith caught the scent of lavender, Dragon’s Touge, and Witch’s Brew. She was making a pretty basic healing potion. The beak of Thore’s mask pointed upward at Embith’s muzzle, “ Oh Embith, you’re a pleasant sight for my tired eyes. Come in; luckily, I have no patients today.” She let out a tired yawn as she moved out of the way for Embith to step foot into her shop.

Embith had to duck, so he didn’t hit his head on the door frame. The small shop had a counter; herbs were drying on the walls, a covered doorway led to the beds, and a fireplace with a cauldron. The shop had a beautiful aroma and was warm in the chilly fall air. Embith walked over to a table with two chairs. One was quite a bit bigger than the other one. This chair was made especially for Embith and others of his size. Since Thore was the only doctor around for hundreds of miles, she saw all types of patients, from humans to orcs. Embith sat in the chair and pulled the hood off his head. This relieved horn-like apanages that folded back like a bird’s chest. His long white “hair” had golden-colored beads in them and was shaped similarly to dreadlocks. His muzzled had a long scar from a fight with a wolf, which caused him to lose a tooth. Embith, much like his flying cousins, some of his teeth could be seen outside his muzzle. Replacing ears, long fins had serval cuts into them. Over his right eye was red face paint that looked like claw marks—removing the rest of his cloak, relieved that he was wearing basic leather armor with a patch of white fur covering his left shoulder. His tail wrapped around the chair and showed serval scares from the underbrush he often walked through to track down deer and elk.