Virtual Is Not a Solution


March 2020 was a unique and unprecedented time for us all. The month that the world shut down. In the wake of the COVID-19 panic, schools closed, the country entered a mandatory lockdown, and non-essential businesses shut their doors.

Sending people home was a must during those uncertain times. However, the Arka Tech Editorial Board feels that sending students home again and going virtual will not be conducive to learning environments.

As of January 31, Dr. Bowen and the Board of Trustees have decided to keep students on campus for the foreseeable future. This is not to say the decision can be changed, but unprecedented times call for exceptional measures.

The 2020 lockdown affected students, faculty, and the school. Upon arriving on campus, budgets were slashed, programs were cut, and amenities deemed not valuable for university funds were canceled.

The vaccine has also been out for a year at this point in the pandemic. It has been proven that the vaccine helps the severity of the virus. Now that our safety and well-being are in our own hands, there is no reason to go virtual.

If this happens again, many will struggle- most notably students who have poor internet at home or struggle to learn in a virtual setting. Hands-on majors are harmed significantly in a virtual environment, such as nursing or education, leaving students underprepared for their futures.

College is a great place to meet new people and try new things. A positive from face-to-face interaction is how much a connection we as students can build with our professors and peer-to-peer relationships. Attending class virtually severs the much-needed lifeline that students have with one another.

As the pandemic continues with no foreseeable end, The Arka Tech Editorial Board believes that if the choice is going virtual, the answer is not to send college students home.