Wraiths at Sundown

Ghost Tour

PHOTO | Hannah Wyatt

The ATU Department of Public Safety held its fifth annual Haunted Ghost Tour on Thursday, Oct. 27, for members of the community. The tour originated with the engineering department touring buildings with heat sensors. Now, the tour features accounts of paranormal activity in several buildings around campus.

Highlights of the tour included Caraway, Browning and Tucker Coliseum. Participants heard firsthand accounts from Arkansas Tech University community members as well as legends that date back to the 1950s.

One of ATU’s ghost legends that was featured on the tour was the story of Gracie. Gracie is said to have been a Tech student and sorority member who lived in Caraway. It is said that for unknown reasons, Gracie hanged herself outside of her dorm window and was discovered by someone exiting the building. The window has since been bricked shut. To this day, there have been reports of potential paranormal activity that are thought to be the ghost of Gracie.

In addition to seeing several of the buildings on campus, participants were also given a sneak peek of the haunted house hosted by an ATU fraternity. Prizes were awarded at the end of the tour. The tour was led by several members of the Department of Public Safety.

What was the most interesting part of the tour?

“Talking about the story of Gracie and seeing the building,” Chloe French, a business administration major from Mayflower, said.

“Probably the historical facts behind these,”, Sgt. Krystle Manning, one of the tour guides, said.

For more information on activities hosted by the Department of Public Safety, visit its website at https://www.atu.edu/psafe/ or find them on Instagram at atudps.