The Person Behind the Account

Tia Brown

Tia Brown is a second-year graduate student in the Multimedia Journalism department and graduate assistant for the Student Union.

Brown oversaw Tech’s campus life Instagram account before being assigned to the Student Union account. Brown is the social media strategist for the account, meaning she is responsible for the content found on the social media page. This includes video creation, interviews and photography.

“I love photography, video creation and editing. Along with talking to different people on a daily basis. That’s really why I’ve been looking at this as a career path for me,” Brown said. She goes on to talk about the divide between older people in companies and younger audiences. “Older people in the companies don’t know how to create, run and maintain social media platforms so they hire someone like me to come in and revamp everything, monitor the analytics and create original content.” She said.

An average day involves brainstorming, planning and starting work on goals she sets. Examples of these goals  include emailing and reaching out to Tech students or staff about doing interviews or shooting a video. Sometimes she walks up to random people in the Student Union and asks for a photo or get their opinion on camera for the page.

“My schedule is pretty flexible, sometimes I work in the mornings, sometimes I’ll come in the evenings to get a different crowd of people, I’ll come for any and all events to capture,” Brown said.