Meeting Miner

Patrick Miner Pitching the Ball

PHOTO | Tennyson Douglas

Patrick Miner is a baseball player who started at Tech five years ago. He found success in hitting but took the time to work on his pitching during the pandemic. Now he is one of the team’s star pitchers, throwing the ball at 91 mph. 

“When my junior year was cut short, I saw my career not going the way I wanted it. I loved pitching, but I was not up to Tech standards. So I used the time off to focus on my pitching and grow as an athlete now; I can compete for my school,” he said.

Miner is originally from Tyler, Texas, double majoring in business management and marketing and business education.“When I picked Tech, it felt like my hometown. I came here for camp, and the people sold me. Everyone was welcoming, and my family and I were impressed,” Miner said.

His baseball career started early. He played in high school and only lost three games in four years. 

“I am the baby of the family. So I remember my older brother would let me tag along with him, and he would place the ball in my hand, and that is how I started,” he said. 

Miner believes in being the first one on the field and the last one to leave. Which has earned him the nickname “Patty Ice.”

“I work hard the whole week, and I like to research the team we go against. They gave me the nickname because they believe I have ice water in my veins. I want to treat this as a profession,” he said. 

While being a student and athlete does not leave Miner with much free time, he notes that balance in the classroom and the field is key to success. While baseball takes up most of his time, he still finds time to go home. He enjoys spending time with his family, his dog named Molly and working out.

Last year, the baseball team was conference champions, and Miner wants to repeat that opportunity this season. “We have some of the same players, and we want that chance to go back. Being on the field is fun, and I will never forget the feeling,” he said.

While Minner is a senior on the team, he has learned some lessons he hopes to pass on to others; “Have humility and be thankful. I learned humility early on, knowing I won’t be perfect but trying my best. Some people want to play college ball and don’t get to, so do not take this for granted,” he said. 

Miner wants to keep playing for as long as possible, which is one of his goals after graduation. Right now, there are some possibilities to play professionally. “We will see where that takes me, but I want to come back to Tech and get my masters. Maybe become a graduate assistant for Tech and give back to the college that gave me so much,” he said. 

To follow Miner’s career, you can follow the baseball on their Instagram page @atubaseball.