Member for a Day

2021 Band Day

Tech’s band of Distinction hosted their seventh “Member of a Day” on Nov. 6. More than 400 high school students signed up for the event. The students were taught the Tech band’s songs and joined in at the pregame show, the stands and halftime.

“We’re so happy that MFAD is back and that we’re able to host these students.  We hope that they see all that is great about Tech and choose to pursue their college aspirations with us while performing in our bands in the future,” Daniel Belongia, professor of music and director of bands, said.

The students were able to wear their school marching uniforms, and their uniforms represented high schools across Arkansas, Texas and Arizona. The students were paired up with a Tech band member and were able to ask them questions about college life, music advice and learn what it takes on game day to perform.

“Member for a Day is one of my favorite band traditions because we get to show potential students how fun and rewarding it is to be a member of the ABD. The weather was great, the high schools had so much great energy, and the Wonderboys won. All in all, a great day,” Andrew Garrett, political science and music major, said.

Each student that attended the event walked away with a band shirt and new friendships.

“This was a fantastic opportunity to recruit new band members and maybe classmates one day. The saxophone members and myself had a great time sharing our love of music with the high school students,” Bodhi Lovely, a psychology major from Russellville, said.

The band of Distinction hopes to grow the event next year and welcome more students to the campus. For more information about the Tech band follow @atubands on Instagram.